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  1. Bon cadeau 3h
    Bon Cadeau
    3 hours
    Un de nos best sellers ! Ce bon pour 3h en atelier vous permettra de réaliser un menu de l'entrée au dessert, découvrir des techniques culinaires ou réaliser des créations sucrées.
    As low as 99.00€
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  2. Bon cadeau 2h
    Bon Cadeau
    2 hours
    Offrez un bon pour un cours de 2 heures dans nos ateliers Chefsquare. Le bénéficiaire pourra choisir entre cuisine française, italienne, asiatique, végétale, pâtisserie...
    As low as 72.00€
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  3. Bon enfant
    Bon enfant
    1 hour
    Offrez à vos petits gourmands un bon pour un cours de 2h au prix d'une dans nos ateliers pour en faire un·e mini Chef·fe. Pour un atelier Parent-Enfant, offrir 2 bons cadeaux.
    As low as 38.00€
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    Give an invitation to the workshop or immersion of your choice as a gift.

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  5. Chèque cadeau
    Chèque cadeau
    120 euros
    Avec les chèques cadeaux, impossible de se tromper ! Le bénéficiaire peut TOUT réserver sur notre site partout en France.
Cooking classes and culinary events
At Chefsquare, we believe that learning about cooking and its techniques comes from hands-on experience and from expert, passionate chefs.
Convinced that cooking is the key to sustainable food for our health and that of the planet, our chefs have more than ever a role to play in passing on this knowledge.
There's so much to share with us, whether you're learning about the latest culinary trends and traditional skills, opening up to cuisines from around the world or rediscovering regional specialities and bistro dishes, or respectfully working with produce selected from the best producers and artisans while avoiding food waste.

Find the perfect gift

Packages with hour credits

Are you hesitating between offering an introduction to oenology, a pad thai workshop, or an eclair class for two with a child? The packages allow the lucky recipient to choose the workshop(s) of their choice on the dates that suit them for 1 year from the date of purchase. They can book up to 2 places per workshop if they want to bring a friend. For you, the benefit is straightforward: the higher the package's value, the lower the cost, down to €26 per workshop hour instead of €36. Workshops eligible for the packages are available in Paris and Lyon.

Gift vouchers with an amount in euros

With gift vouchers, you can't go wrong! The beneficiary can book ANYTHING on our site for 1 year from the date of purchase: immersions with the city's top pastry chef, in a highly-rated restaurant or with artisans who are passionate about taste, but also workshops on cooking, pastry, oenology and vocational training. They can book as many places and experiences as they want. Just choose the amount you want to give them!

Invitations to an experience

Have you spotted the perfect workshop or immersion for a friend or loved one? Book them a place directly via the Experiences catalogue and immediately receive a personalised invitation to send them by email or post. There's no need for you to know their schedule by heart: if they're not available that day, they can postpone their experience up to 72 hours beforehand.
Frequently asked questions:
How do I use the code?
Nothing could be simpler, just enter the code at the basket level in the "Gift voucher code" block.
How long is my code valid for?
Gift vouchers and packages with hour credits are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The vouchers are nominative and allow you to reserve up to 2 places per course.
I have a code and I would like to know the amount
Just enter your code in the yellow block "I have a gift code" at the top of this page or on the home page.