The great classics of French cuisine - Paris

The great classics of French cuisine - Paris
Cooking classes in English
The great classics of French cuisine - Paris
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Cooking classes in English

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Auguste Escoffier had better watch out.
This master of French cuisine established and revolutionized French gastronomy as we know it today: the construction of kitchen brigades, cooking stations, service organization... he still leaves an indelible mark today.

In this 3-hour workshop, join our Chef-fe in the kitchen to tackle three classic French recipes that everyone loves:
- Egg ‘mayonnaise’, red onion pickles, alfalfa
- ‘Sole meunière’, ‘ratatouille’ like Rémy (that rodent cooking prodigy)
- ‘Profiteroles’ vanilla-chocolate, chantilly and flaked almonds
Allergens: vegetable oils (grapeseed, olive), mustard, egg, sesame, fish (sole), wheat (gluten), milk, nuts (almonds).

Learn how to make a traditional mayonnaise and how to shell hard-boiled eggs without damaging them. For the famous sole meunière, you'll learn about the coat of breadcrumbs it needs to get that lovely texture. Like Rémy in the film Ratatouille, you can make ratatouille like this little rodent, using colorful seasonal vegetables. Finally, choux pastry will hold no more secrets for you: from making the pastry, poaching and baking it, to creating the ice cream to serve it, enjoy these great classics of French cuisine!

You'll be able to taste the desserts you've made with a glass of fresh fruit juice, and share a moment with the chef and other participants. As part of our eco-responsible approach, remember to bring your own bags and tins for any products not consumed on site.

Techniques abordées

  • Learn to cook hard-boiled eggs
  • Make a traditional mayonnaise
  • Make minute red onion pickles
  • Bread a fish fillet
  • Make a ratatouille
  • Making and poaching choux pastry
  • Whipping whipped cream

En détail

Join our Chef-fe in the kitchen to create three great classics of French cuisine!

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Here are our chef-s recruited for this workshop:
Guillaume Portier

Guillaume Portier

Diplômé de l'école Paul Bocuse à Lyon - en cuisine, pâtisserie et boulangerie - Guillaume a fait ses armes chez Anne-Sophie Pic, Hélène Darroze à Paris puis est parti pendant 1 an à San Francisco. Revenu en France, il dispense des cours de cuisine pour transmettre toute son expérience et ses astuces.
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La cerise sur le gâteau

  • Recycled cotton apron included
  • Complimentary glass of wine
  • At-table tasting of creations
  • Take home the rest of your creations

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Just a stone's throw from Bastille, this new 185 m2 facility combines a street-side cooking studio with a courtyard-side professional laboratory. It retains the school's hallmarks with a cocooning, home-like environment. It also shares the attributes of a real restaurant kitchen, to immerse future food-entrepreneurs in real-life conditions.

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