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Home-made pastries - Paris

Home-made pastries - Paris
Cooking classes in English
Home-made pastries - Paris
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Cooking classes in English

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As low as 125.00€

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Who hasn't been attracted by the delicious smell of pastries coming out of the oven when you walk past a bakery and are finally tempted by a croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins...?
Don't be so innocent - everyone's been there!

Why don't you learn how to make viennoiseries at home yourself, and concoct your own champion breakfasts!

Join our Pastry Chef in a workshop to discover the basics of puff pastry, which is used to make almost all viennoiseries.
This 4-hour workshop includes :
- Assortment of brioches (head, plaited, sweet...)
- Croissants
- Chocolate buns
- Raisin buns
Allergens: wheat (gluten), egg, milk, nuts (almonds).

At the end of your class, bite into your viennoiserie accompanied by a fresh fruit juice. Then, share the production of take-away pastries with other participants to treat your loved ones.

Techniques abordées

  • Make your croissant dough
  • Make a pastry cream
  • Shape and bake pastries

En détail

Join our Chef in the kitchen to make several pastries yourself!

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Here are our chef-s recruited for this workshop:
Gilles Maisonneuve

Gilles Maisonneuve

Fort d'une expérience en pâtisserie de près de 40 ans, Gilles a travaillé dans des boutiques, restaurants, hôtels et palaces parisiens ainsi qu'à l'international. Il a formé plus de 10 000 personnes à travers le monde entier, en français et en anglais, y compris pour de grandes maisons de pâtisserie de luxe. Il propose des cours en atelier et à domicile ainsi que des formations et apprécie surtout transmettre son savoir-faire et son expertise sucrée.
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La cerise sur le gâteau

  • Organic recycled cotton apron included
  • Complimentary glass of fresh fruit juice
  • At-table tasting of creations
  • Take home the rest of your creations

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Just a stone's throw from Bastille, this new 185 m2 facility combines a street-side cooking studio with a courtyard-side professional laboratory. It retains the school's hallmarks with a cocooning, home-like environment. It also shares the attributes of a real restaurant kitchen, to immerse future food-entrepreneurs in real-life conditions.

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